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Nutrition – Weight Management

Nutrition – Weight Management

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Weight Management | Strategies For Weight Loss, Weight Gain, & Weight Management

Whether it be weight gain or weight loss, at Tisi we are committed to empowering you by working together to develop life long, sustainable healthy dietary habits and patterns. We believe in striving for nutritional solutions that you can continue utilising long after you see us, strategies that don’t require you to give up all the foods you love or lose the enjoyment of eating and food.

Weight Management

How We Can Help You With Weight Loss

We are strong believers in creating sustainable habits that improve your overall health as well as lose weight. We want to help you create a lifestyle where you can still enjoy food and lose weight at the same time.

We can help you with:

  • Working collaboratively with you to develop personalised nutritional and lifestyle strategies and goals to help you lose weight

  • Working as a team with you to stay on track and keep setting realistic goals – we believe in setting smaller goals along your way to achieving your big/long- term goal

  • Keeping you accountable – we understand the importance of between session communication, and are always available by text, phone call or email for any quick questions you may have in between your sessions

Weight Management

How We Can Help You With Weight Gain

Gaining weight can most definitely be a struggle for some and can be a lot harder than many think.

If this is your goal, we can help you with:

  • Developing a personalised nutrition plan to help you get to your goal weight

  • Understanding how different foods can help you gain weight

  • Setting realistic short term and long-term goals for weight gain

  • Create long-term, sustainable, and simple eating habits and patterns that will help you to stay at your goal once achieving it

At Tisi, we believe nutrition needs to be tailored specifically to suit you, which is why we take pride in getting to know you personally before making any recommendations.

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Weight Management

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Use a dietitian/nutritionist to help you manage your weight… and see the results! Learn more about the process is for seeing a dietitian, and what our session prices are, find out about rebates and read our FAQs. If you’ve got any questions then get in touch.

We’re based in Brisbane but you can also visit us at our clinic on the Sunshine Coast. We know how precious your time is, so we can also do your sessions online so you don’t have to travel.

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