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Nutrition – Chronic Disease

Nutrition – Chronic Disease

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Chronic Disease | Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease & High Cholesterol

We are committed to providing you with all the tools and knowledge you need to effectively manage your chronic disease and to improve your quality of life.

Chronic Disease

What A Dietitian Can Treat


  • You can help keep your blood sugar levels in a safe range by making healthy food choices
  • Our dietitian will work with you to develop a nutrition plan for your diabetes, to improve the use of the insulin your body does produce or receive through medication
  • Work with your dietitian to gain a better understanding of how nutrition impacts diabetes
  • Learn about carbohydrates and how to distribute them to keep your blood sugar levels in a safe range

High Blood Pressure

  • It is well known that nutrition and dietary changes work effectively to reduce your blood pressure naturally
  • Understand how certain foods can work to help you manage and lower your blood pressure
  • Develop a nutrition plan with your dietitian that helps you create healthier habits to help you lower your blood pressure

High Cholesterol

  • Nutrition can help you naturally lower your cholesterol and help you prevent any further cardiac diseases
  • Understand and learn about which foods help lower cholesterol, and learn practical ways to include these into your daily diet
  • Learn about healthy swaps you can make to help you lower your cholesterol

Heart Disease

  • Learn about how nutrition can help you to prevent further progression of heart disease
  • Work with your dietitian to develop a nutrition plan that incorporates foods that have been scientifically proven to slow the progression of heart disease
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Notes on Rebates and Medicare

We encourage you to see your GP for a Chronic disease management plan (CDM) – which enables you to claim a $53 rebate when seeing a dietitian for chronic disease. You can use this rebate for up to five allied health consultations.

Learn more about rebates
Nutritionist Brisbane Sunshine Coast online

Chronic Disease

Ready to Get Started?

Use a dietitian/nutritionist to help you manage your chronic disease… and see the results! Learn more about the process for seeing a dietitian, what our session prices are, find out about rebates and read our FAQs. If you’ve got any questions then get in touch.

We’re based in Brisbane but you can also visit us at our clinic on the Sunshine Coast. We know how precious your time is, so we can also do your sessions online so you don’t have to travel.

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