Nutritionist Dietitian Brisbane Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for expert advice on your diet?

Our accredited practicing dietitians can help you understand and apply the science to eating healthy so you can achieve sustainable and lasting results!

Conditions We Treat

Dietitian for gut health Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, online

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, digestive issues, allergies & intolerances.

Dietitian for sports nutrition Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, online

Body composition, eating for training and recovery, supplement advice.

Dietitian for chronic disease Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, online

Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease & high cholesterol.

Dietitian for weight loss Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, online

Strategies for weight loss, weight gain, and weight management.

Dietitian for NDIS Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, online

NDIS nutrition consultations.

At Tisi, we believe nutrition needs to be tailored specifically to suit you, which is why we take pride in getting to know you personally before making any recommendations.

Dietitian consult Brisbane Sunshine Coast Telehealth online

What To Expect When You Visit A Dietitian

Step 1. Health and lifestyle assessment

Your dietitian will review your medical history, any blood test results, medications and supplements, as well as lifestyle factors such as your sleeping habits, stress levels, exercise and any other symptoms you are experiencing. During this assessment, your dietitian may undertake or review measurements such as your height, weight, waist circumference and body composition.

Step 2. Dietary review

Your dietitian will then undertake an in depth review of your current dietary habits, including food preferences, meal timing and allergies or intolerances. To gain a full understanding prior to developing a nutrition plan, your dietitian will also discuss grocery budgets and time available for cooking and preparing meals.

Step 3. Personalized nutrition plan

With the assessment in mind, your dietitian will work together with you to develop a nutrition plan that addresses the goals you have discussed. This plan will include specific strategies for your goal, as well as any resources required such as meal plans. You will receive an in depth nutrition plan outlining everything discussed during your session along with resources. If your dietitian decides that a meal plan is preferable, you will receive this in a week from your session during a 30 min review consultation.

Step 4. On going support

Based on your goals and preferences, your dietitian will continue to monitor and review your progress using a variety of measurement tools. This will include the tailoring of your nutrition plan where needed and discussion of any barriers you are facing. Ongoing communication with your dietitian is available between sessions by email or text, to help you get answers to any quick questions you may have as soon as possible, leaving your review sessions open for more in depth discussions.

Session/Consult Pricing

Initial Session
60 minutes

  • Bulk billing available with medicare referral
  • Health Assessment
  • Dietary Assessment
  • In depth personalised nutrition plan
  • Resources eg meal plan or food diary

Review Session
30-45 minutes

  • Bulk billing available with medicare referral
  • Review of progress with nutrition plan
  • Discussion of any barriers
  • New resources as needed
  • Adjustment to nutrition plan and/or goals as needed


Private Health Insurance

Some private health insurance plans cover dietetics, have a look to see if yours does. Rebates for private health will be processed after your consultation with your dietitian, and you will receive an invoice that you can use to process your claim with your private health insurance. Please note your consultation cost will need to be paid in full at the time of your session, and will be rebated in the following days after you have put a claim through.


Medicare rebates are available for 5 sessions under a chronic disease management plan. Medicare offers rebates of $55 for dietetic consultations. Speak to your GP or doctor for a chronic disease management or weight management plan, referred to as EPC or CDM plans.


If you are currently with NDIS, we will provide you with an invoice after your consultation with your dietitian which you can use to claim your session with NDIS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will need you receipt/invoice from us to submit a claim. Read more about rebates.

The dietitians at Tisi Health develop very tailored plans that differ for every person, so the number of sessions and intervals of sessions will depend on your personal health goals, preferences and budget. In general, clients find it beneficial to have more frequent sessions early on (weekly or fortnightly) and then gradually have fewer sessions that are spread out more. Read more about the process.

The biggest difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist is that a dietitian has undertaken extensive training and studies with supervision in the fields of clinical nutrition, medical nutrition therapy and food services. A dietitian is considered both a dietitian and nutritionist. However, the title of ‘nutritionist’ is not a regulated term in Australia, meaning that those who have not undertaken extensive studies and training in nutrition can also call themselves a nutritionist.

The short answer is it depends. We will only weight you if it we think it is relevant and important. We will discuss this with you prior to conducting any kind of measurements (weight, waist circumference).

Your first session is our chance to get to know each other, and for your dietitian to explore and discuss what your personal health goals are. In your first session, expect a lot of questions about your lifestyle, sleep, stress levels and dietary patterns – this is all a part of our comprehensive health assessment that we use to develop personalised nutritional plans.

You do not need to bring anything to your first session – just yourself! We will discuss everything in the first session.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please give us a call and we will try to re-schedule your appointment. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, details are on the Cliniko booking system and are available when you make your booking online.

Tisi Health currently has a clinic on the Sunshine Coast in Forest Glen. Our Brisbane location is coming soon, but we offer telehealth consultations for your convenience.

Online consults work in a very similar way to face to face consults. Your dietitian will assess your health needs and provide personalised nutritional strategies as outlined here: Process.

Health rebates (both medicare and private health) apply to telehealth online consults. You will receive a link for your video call for your online consult either by text or email, a few days before the date of your consultation. Our clinical software allows us to host video calls on a safe and confidential platform.